Principal’s Message

principalWelcome to St. Paul’s Higher Secondary School and the 2016-2017 academic year!

We have a current enrolment of 1225 highly motivated students in the high school and higher secondary sections.The extraordinary success of our school is attributed to our students, their parents, and the devoted staff of the School known for their zeal and strong work ethics. We have consistently maintained academic excellence thanks to the rigorous academic programmes we follow. We also have an overall pre-eminence in related areas of student development given our emphasis on extensive co-curricular activities that are valued much by the student community. We take great pride in maintaining a comprehensive program that builds in our students character and values of responsibility, respect, honesty and informed decision making.We strive to promote the spiritual, social,academic, and cultural development of our students and ensure that all our students would feel a sense of pride and well-being.