School Profile

St. Paul’s Higher Secondary School, is a Catholic Institution, administered by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, an International Religious Society, widely known for its mission among school going youth and the many initiatives they undertake in support of justice, peace, human rights and integrity of creation.

St. Paul’s provide a happy, inspiring and exciting learning environment that encourages positive working attitudes in all our pupils, and foster a sense of respect and tolerance for the beliefs and opinions of others. An assortment of educational opportunities are provided for our students, through our curricular and co-curricular programmes that include regular parent-teacher and student-teacher meetings and discussions.

Experienced and dedicated, teachers set high standards for the students, always inspiring them to strive for excellence and high achievement.

The Alumni Association provides the past pupils with an ideal platform to maintain strong ties with the school in a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the school.

All the members of the Staff, Students and Alumni are collectively known as “PAULIANS”.

A positive and enduring partnership between home and school is considered essential in enabling a child to achieve his/her full potential. Hence we expect sincere collaborationwith the parents and the guardians of our students that will continue throughout your child’s school career here and always.

The motto of the school

‘To Serve the Lord and the Country’, is based on the Christian vision of things, where each one sees himself/herself as a child of God and a brother or sister to all. It is an invitation and a challenge to every student who passes through this institution toacquire a sense of dignity anddevelop theemotional, social, aesthetic, physical, artistic and intellectual skills to live responsibly in the society by positively contributing to it, and sharing a deep feeling of equality with one another and an attitude of solidarity and concern, especially for the weaker sections of the society, by rising above the differences in the society that he/she encounters every day.

Vision Statement

At St. Paul’s, we seek to enable every student to develop a value driven personality and an abiding passion for the highest possible standards of excellence in all their undertakings

Mission Statement

We seek to maximise our students’ potential by placing the highest priority to their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development and by assisting them to cultivate the skills and attitudes necessary to live responsibly and participate effectively in the global community.

Our Aims

Our aim is to provide inspiring and exciting educational environment that guaranties excellence in teaching and learning opportunities for self-directed learning and stimulate the intellectual, aesthetic, physical, social, personal and moral development of our students. Towards this we work in partnership with the students, their families and the community, ensuring their personal success and positive contribution towards the community.